Video Game Education

English High School, Roxbury, Dorchester

We’ve been working with Roxbury educator Eki Teixeira to teach game development to students in his community. We’ve donated several Asus Vivobook Pro 15s to students at English High School to help them with Game Development, homework, and house office work. It’s been an amazing experience covering Unreal, Unity, and RPG Maker with them!

“Student 704” from English High shows off his Tilemap work in Unity!


“Flippin’ Birds” is a game that we’re developing as a game development teaching tool. Play various mini-games at around the US while learning about geography and Black History!

Student Contributions

Sparks and Fire vfx by 3rd and 6th grade students.
“Tarde Auriverde” composed by Gustavo Sperling from the State University of São Paulo
“Find Myself” created by recent Berklee College of Music grad Diggity Dom.

Skate or Fly” – Roblox Studio

Race through the South” – Unity

Speed Boost – (04/10/2022)